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We hope this site makes it easy to quickly research Navigation update products with customer reviews, and available coupons to help you decide whether to order the very latest HERE (formerly known as NAVTEQ) map DVD disc or download update for your factory installed In-Dash Navigation.  Find your make and model below to ensure you are getting a genuine HERE (formerly known as NAVTEQ) Update.

Navigation Updates from HERE (formerly known as NAVTEQ) will give you the latest mapping accuracy available.  Keeping your navigation up-to-date has many more benefits than just updating a map.

  • No need to pull over and ask directions
  • A greater awareness of your surroundings
  • Quickly finding a gas station, restaurant, hotel and other points of interest
  • Easy re-routing around detours

Every year navigation systems are updated with thousands of streets, road changes and points of interest!  Staying on top if your updates can keep you safe and save you money.  Thank you for shopping for your navigation updates and keeping your vehicle up to date.

On each manufacturer page, feel free to leave Feedback, Coupon details, and Reviews for anything. Please share the experience you have had buying your navigation update. Our Privacy Policy ensures the information you provide is safe. You may opt out of any further communication by contacting us here.

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 by Alexander Allen

Have been using GPS systems for years and I've heard nothing but good things about you alls navigation system.

 by GeeLex

I just had my navi updated with the latest 2012 version, so I'm told...I'm skeptical and I don't trust dealerships. Is there a way to verify and confirm that they actually installed the 2012 version, as mine had to be downloaded? All that I can confirm is that the new town center nearest my house (3yrs new) is unknown to my upgraded what did I actually get charged a couple hundred dollars for? Please advise. thank you! (I guess my rating may also depend on what feedback I receive...)

Is there a version number and/or year on your disk? If so, I'd suggest you contact your dealer's parts department (or perhaps another dealer elsewhere if you don't trust them) and ask what the newest current version is to compare. If you still do not see the new features, you can submit new street and road information to NAVTEQ using their Map Reporter at



If there is a coupon code available it is listed at the top of your manufacturers page. For Chrysler, there currently is a coupon, it is 'NAVIFREESHIPNT' for free shipping.

 by Hua Deng
Updated 2004 Lexus Es330 navigation systems DVD

How to Updated 2004 Lexus Es330 navigation systems DVD .

Unfortunately, Lexus and Toyota updates are not available online in North America. You will need to contact your local dealer. We have provided a link on the Lexus and Toyota specific page to find your closest dealer. Thanks!

 by Susan W
Great site

This is the best place to find coupon codes for Navigation system update DVDs. Great resource.