Are We Lost Without GPS?

Navigation Updates GPSWe have all, to some extent, become reliant on technology to help us perform tasks that were previously done manually. You can now shop, pay bills, and get to the desired destination by merely powering up your smartphone. The latter of those tasks has become especially prevalent. GPS devices and apps are designed to get you from place to place without ever needing to consult a paper map. Modern cars often come with a built-in GPS, and while this is a cool feature to have, how would you deal with a situation where you found yourself in an unfamiliar place without this technology?
Check the internet news feeds on a daily basis, and you will find stories of hikers and boaters going missing with stunning regularity. How many of these people would have found their way out and back home had they just been able to navigate without the use of GPS? Before this technology people used the position of the sun and stars or a map and compass.  Today those who get lost now have a cool story to tell about how they got home without any digital help.
Even those who have access to a GPS or a clear cell signal, as well as fully charged battery, can still end up getting lost. For those folks, it is often a failure to update their existing GPS that causes the problem. Visit any major city, and you will see new roads, bridges, and bypasses being built. That route you thought you knew, or that your GPS is showing might no longer exist which is why you need to make sure that your GPS is always up-to-date.
Navigation systems are only as good as the information they have to draw upon to get you safely where you need to go without getting lost. Sure, you could take a crash course in studying the stars or reading old-school maps.  But if you keep your GPS current, you may never need to resort to the old ways.
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