Best Cars with GPS for Family Road Trips

Navigation Updates GPSNothing matches a road trip with the whole family in the car. More than a third of America’s population intends to take a vacation during the summer season, and most of them are thinking of a road trip with the family. Most people are now more interested in taking road trips with relatively low gas prices. Families now see the value of traveling as a perfect way of bonding and reconnecting in today’s busy world. One question on the mind of these families is which is the best car with GPS for family road trips. An SUV is the best bet and automakers sold more than 6 million SUVs and crossovers. These are perfect for road trips since they can overcome some of the roughest roads out there. Let’s look at some of the best family cars out there:

Subaru Outback

With the newer models looking more like larger SUVs, it’s a standard all-wheel drive with a cargo capacity of 35.5 cubic feet with all seats up. The cargo space and EyeSight is an added advantage for the family.

2017 KIA Sportage

The car has an entertainment system and backup warning system all in the price range of $25000. It also has a satellite radio and Bluetooth wireless connectivity combined with a rearview camera making it lovely. It has a 30.7 cubic feet cargo capacity with all seats up going up to a maximum of 60 cubic feet when seats are folded down.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

Nothing beats a car with a useful and accurate GPS system for a family trip. This Chrysler combines the whole luxury minivan style by offering features like noise cancellation, leather seats, and a 3-panel sunroof. It also has stow-and-go seats that can fold in the floor, handless sliding doors, 36000 pounds towing capacity, electronic safety features and a lot of interior cargo room.

2017 Chevrolet Tahoe

This is a perfect example of an exquisite family car. You can fit nine people in this car, and it also has Wi-Fi to enjoy browsing and posting your pictures while on the go. It’s an apartment on wheels with the towing capacity enough for a camper or a boat.

2017 Honda CR-V

The family car that has kept ahead of the pack as compared to others like the RAV4 is this king. The cargo space and features like heated seats, leather interior, rearview windows, and a navigation system with controls on the steering wheel, moonroof, Pandora information display are some of the fantastic features keeping the card ahead.

Nothing beats a car with a good navigation system. You won’t have to stop on the way and ask for directions. Your GPS navigation system is the guide on the road, and you will note the difference if you take a family road trip with a car that has no or poor navigation system.

For any navigation system to work optimally, keep the maps and information updated.  To obtain the latest versions, check out Navigation Updates.

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