Can Navigation System Updates Save You Money?

Navigation Updates navigation system updatesEveryone who has ever had a GPS in their car knows that sometimes pop-ups appear prompting you to update the navigational data. These updates can be frustrating, but they include a lot of information for your car. Roads change, and construction happens, and this is some of the data that is included in GPS navigation updates.

A large number of people put off the updates, more annoyed by the prompt than having out-of-date maps. Navigation system updates can save you money. They do this in several ways. Let’s take a look at how a GPS update can save you money.

Quicker Travel

One of the most obvious ways that GPS data can save you money is by quicker travel routes. The accurate data will get you from point A to point B faster avoiding lousy traffic congestion. Typically, the longer you take to drive to your destination, the more gas you use. Thus the more it costs you.

Quicker travel is even more critical for those using their GPS for business. As they say in business: time is money.

Ability To Find New Addresses

Delivery drivers spend a good portion of their time trying to find addresses. When new construction is complete, or a building is modified, the address may change. GPS devices without updates are unable to locate new streets or addresses.
The more time that you spend circling an address, the more gas you use. You are also wasting time. That is money down the drain. Not only business users but the average GPS user can have this problem too.

Better Trip Accountability

For business users, tracking drivers is a concern.  Tracking fleet vehicles is especially vital for service-oriented businesses that send technicians to off-site locations for service calls.  Being able to dispatch the closest vehicle to the next service call results in a cost-efficient workflow.  Without updates, inaccurate locations, incorrect data, and sometimes incompatibility with monitoring software reduces efficiency and costs more.

GPS Tracking Can Reduce Insurance

In many cases, insurance companies offer lower rates if a GPS can track a fleet or even a single car. For proper tracking cars need navigation updates. The vehicle and GPS need to know precisely where it is.  Save money with a GPS update by reducing insurance costs.
Global positioning devices have been around for years. This technological tool is well refined to give pinpoint accuracy. With that being said, GPS devices still rely on maps updates to get the information they need to work. By obtaining these updates, you can save money.

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