Great Travel Bloggers Share Their Experiences

Navigation Updates travel blogsWhether you are a seasoned traveler or new to travel, there is always something to learn. Even places you previously visited can undergo significant changes only a few years later making them new to explore. Travel guides are excellent for basic information but are usually only updated every few years. One of the best ways to check out the latest, most exceptional and unusual destinations is through travel blogs. These blogs are written by travel enthusiasts who love to share their favorite tips and places with others. They also share advice on packing, expenses, traveling with kids and additional useful information. There are lots of these sites out there, but here are a few to get you started:


A husband and wife that travel the world with the idea of using travel as a force for good. They write about many countries that are not on the typical tourist list and the people they meet there. They also write about traveling together as a couple.


Videos about the places this young blogger travels. Besides videos about destinations, she also makes videos with titles such as “My 5 Biggest Travel Surprises” and “Travelling Vegan & with Food Allergies.”


Once the kids are gone, don’t sit at home get out and see the world. This blog not only offers information about destinations but also articles about packing for trips, culinary delights and having an empty nest.


This blog is all about airlines – the good and the bad. Ever wonder what happened to an airline? You’ll find the answer here.


The information on this travel blog is quite extensive. There are in-depth articles about travel, cultures, and politics of distant countries. It also contains city guides, walking tours and a “know before you go” section.


Excellent information on travel destinations, fashion, packing, and much more from a blogger who is an African-American woman. Her unique perspective makes this a fascinating read.


Afraid to travel? Worried things might go wrong? This female traveler has experienced it all and is still going. The lessons learned have made her a confident wanderer, and she shares her stories to help others avoid the pitfalls she has encountered. She gives useful expense breakdowns of her trip costs.

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