Help Your Teen Find Their Way to School By Updating Your Car Navigation System

Navigation Updates navigation systemPassing on your vehicle or getting a new car for your newly licensed driver can be as stressful for you as it is for them. Not just for the dings and scrapes that come with new drivers or the increase in insurance costs, but for whether or not they are getting to their destination safely and without getting lost. To keep your kids safe, your best option is to purchase a vehicle with an internal navigation system and keep it up-to-date.

Better Integration

When your children use the in-car system, they will not continuously be looking down to see directions. Integrated navigation provides for voice recognition in a streamlined way. The turn-by-turn directions appear in a large screen that is centrally located as well as highlighting the potential route. These center devices are more comfortable to see and better equipped to handle the way to and from school.

Better Service

Cell phones hit dead service spots even in 2019. That means when your children lose service; they lose the ability to use their maps. When they lose their navigation app, they have to look down or pull over to reestablish service and mapping. When they use the in-car navigation, the system establishes a connection to satellites in space and is much more secure than the traditional cell phone connection. This connection ensures that no matter where your child goes, they will be able to find their way home.


When a cell phone falls off a lap or a center console and cracks the screen, it ends up costing you. If the center console were ever damaged or the touchscreen becomes unresponsive, a warranty allows the repair shop to handle repairs and have it up and working like new in no time.

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