How Do I Update My Car’s Navigation?

Navigation updates update navigationCar navigation system, also called GPS or Global Positioning System, is a crucial component in any car today. This modern miracle device allows any driver to get from point A to point B with ease. It doesn’t matter if those points are one or 500 miles apart. A GPS not only gives driving directions, but also can locate gas stations, stores, restaurants, and other points-of-interest along the way. Keeping the information in a GPS device current requires updating the car’s navigation systems.

Why Update My Car’s Navigation System?

Even if you don’t notice, your city keeps updating and rebuilding itself. And so does your navigation operating system, protocols, maps, etc. Here are the five most common reasons to update your navigation system:

  • Significant route changes within and around town (new streets, closed streets, renamed streets)
  • New businesses and points-of-interest
  • Construction within the area
  • Changes in traffic rules (a two-way street turning into one-way, etc.)

When Should I Update My Car’s Navigation System?

Most GPS software companies send out updates at least once a year. A few send out updates more often. Ideally, you should update every time there is an update release. This regimen will keep your device functioning optimally at all times.

How To Update My Car’s Navigation?

Read the Manual – Navigation system update depends on a lot of factors like – manufacturer, operating system, etc. So the first and foremost step would be to consult the manual that came with your car. You should at least know the make and model of your vehicle. For built-in devices, going to your car dealer is the most expensive way to get updates.

Automatic Updates – Some modern GPS providers roll out minor updates over the internet. You get a prompt on your navigation system whenever new updates are available – and you only need to accept the update like you do with your phone or tablet.

Map Discs or DVDs – Based on the make and model of your car, you will either need to prepare or buy a disc that contains the update. Most manufacturers now offer SD cards, but some still rely on DVDs. These can be purchased from the car dealer or third party providers.

Install The Update – Connect the disc with your GPS. The exact methodology depends on your model. Consult the user manual or manufacturer website for a step-by-step instruction here.

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