How Much Does It Cost for Car GPS Updates?

Navigation Updates GPS updateA GPS has now become a critical piece of equipment in any vehicle. This device eases the driving process of getting from point A to point B. It saves time, fuel and headaches. Many cars sold today include an option of a built-in GPS, and any car can accommodate a portable GPS. Although most drivers applaud these devices, it is frustrating when instructed to turn onto a closed street, or an error message is received for an entered address. Whether using a car GPS or a portable model, periodic GPS updates are needed to keep the information used to guide a driver through traffic accurate.

Many navigation system companies announce updates on an annual basis, but a few issue updates more frequently. Since portable devices are easily updated via the internet or by connecting the device to a computer, this article will concentrate on built-in car GPS systems.

How To Obtain For GPS Updates?

There are two different ways of updating car GPS services these days:

  • paying for a single update
  • subscription updates

Payment Charges For Individual GPS Updates For Cars

For a single map service, the car owner needs to decide how often to update. This move is safe to play if one is not sure for how long they want to keep the car or the current GPS. The updates for individual map services run $80-$120 depending on the vendor and types of maps. This cost can significantly increase if the car is taken to a dealership for the updates with labor costs being added.

Subscription Package For Car GPS Update

For people who rely on built-in car GPS, they can purchase map updates on a subscription basis. For this, they need to pay the up-front price to receive their latest map updates. The subscription package for updating the car GPS works well for those who intend to keep the car for an extended period or for those who prefer the latest up-to-date availability of maps. It is an individual’s choice.

It also depends on GPS companies and how they offer updated map services. Some companies provide a lifetime subscription package. Other companies offer less expensive subscription packages, but for a limited time or on a less frequent schedule. Bear in mind that there is a small catch – subscriptions for map updates are attached to the original owner of the device and are not transferable.

How The Subscription Packages For GPS Update Works?

When someone buys a GPS device, turns it on, gets it registered and starts using it is when the subscription begins. With most companies, a person can enjoy the latest updated maps for three months. After the initial trial period, an individual needs to pay for the map subscriptions to receive the most recent updates (quarterly or annually).


The cost of updating the car GPS depends on the anticipated use of the GPS. Be smart when choosing the car manufacturer and which GPS is installed in the car. Always ask the cost of GPS updates if the car will contain a built-in GPS. If one intends to keep the car for an extended period, then evaluate the value of GPS updates over the planned use period.

Third-party companies offer low-cost GPS map updates. Navigation Updates is one of those companies. Check out the latest GPS updates with thousands of changes in streets, roads as well as points of interest (restaurants, gas stations, etc.).

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