Navigation System – Does It Need Updating?

Navigation Update navigation systemBuilt-in navigation systems have gained popularity in recent years due to their advanced features. From ensuring the driver has the most current roadways and points of interest to offering fuel-saving routes, there are many reasons to update a navigation system. Navigation Updates gives customers the latest mapping software available.  Keeping navigation up-to-date has more benefits than just updating a map. Every year, navigation systems are revised with thousands of new streets, road changes, and points of interest. Staying on top if the updates can assist drivers with saving time and money.

Shorter routes increase fuel efficiency and save money, less time on the road saves time, finding gas, eateries or restrooms when needed reduces anxiety when driving.  New and modified routes, points of interest, address listings, and signage are among the many data points that vary year to year.  A map update provides fresh and additional data that optimizes the navigation system’s routing capabilities. Other benefits may include improved arrival time estimates and more efficient routing options that can help reduce costs.  These built-in navigation systems work seamlessly with the entertainment system, respond to voice commands and can readily access one’s smartphones contact lists.

Navigation Updates now offers navigation software for 30 major automotive brands. The updated map software comes either on a DVD or SD card depending on the car requirement.

Customers can obtain updated navigation software in three easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Find the vehicle manufacturer and model under Asian, Domestic or European tabs.  Once model and year are entered the page will give a summary of the navigation update that is available.
  3. Click to order.  The update will be shipped directly to the customer along with installation instructions.

Each year a new navigation system update is released with the latest information.  From finding the most efficient routes to locating convenient gas stations, ATM’s, hotels and the other points of interest, these navigation system updates keep the user updated, on track, and on time.

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