Navigation System Updates for Traveling to Halloween-Themed Town Names

Navigation Updates navigation systemOctober is here, and we all know what it means! When pumpkins and ghosts start to show up in your local stores, it is also time to plan your own Halloween trips. Did you know that the United States is full of destinations with spooky names? And even better some of them have special events during Halloween. Update now your navigation system and plan your visit to one of these places during spooky October!

Sleepy Hollow, New York

If you haven’t heard the legend of this headless horseman, you can’t call yourself a real horror and Halloween fan. This town truly loves October because their Halloween celebrations last for the whole month. Enjoy evening walks in lantern lights around the haunted cemetery or visit real vampire crypt. There is something for every kind of Halloween fan.

Haddonfield, New Jersey

Does the name of this city sound familiar? Haddonfield has found its way on our list of Halloween-themed towns because Haddonfield was the name of the town in original Halloween movie. Even if the town name in the movie was entirely fictional and located in Illinois, Haddonfield in New Jersey is perfect Halloween road trip destination. Every year the city holds a Halloween parade where hundreds of kids march around in their costumes.

Transylvania, Louisiana

The original Transylvania aka home of Dracula and vampires is located in Europe, but fortunately, USA has a little town full of vampires – even if the locals do not admit to being one. Particularly during October local shops and buildings are decorated fittingly to the city’s name. You can see bats, ghosts and even a few Dracula around the city. If you decide to make a Halloween trip and follow your spooky navigator to Transylvania USA, don’t forget to visit the post office to postmark a postcard with the unique city stamp.

Pumpkin Center

There are places called Pumpkin Center all around the USA. in each location you can enjoy the not so spooky side of Halloween aka pumpkin carving. Find your perfect pumpkin and give it a new look. Maybe something scary and traditional like a creepy face or something modern and fun like a colorful piece of art?

If these places weren’t enough for you or you have a hard time finding them on a map, just update your navigation system to Halloween mode. It’s time to celebrate the creepiest month of the year!

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