Do I Need to Update My Map for Hyundai?

Navigation Updates navigation systemThe map navigation system plays an important role during driving as it assists the driver in finding the right path and informs about the nearby places. Hyundai provides a navigational map for its cars which informs the user about optimal paths, traffic situation, and necessary information about the route. However, Hyundai encourages its users to regular update the map if they want to get maximum benefit the system.

Reasons to Update Hyundai

  • New roads are added.  Every year 15% of roads and road names get changed. Updating the map means you are not going to be distracted or confused by changes and reach your destination on time. It’s time-saving and saves you from unwanted traffic on busy roads.
  • The latest update has come up with 253,650 new retail locations and 83,342 new restaurants.  All these new places give the driver information about nearby sites even in unfamiliar towns.
  • Enhanced user interference improves user connectivity with the system while new smart route calculation option enables the operator to maintain fuel and water according to the distance and let him check the covered distance as well.
  • A search bar is added up in updated Hyundai map for quick search where you enter keywords or your destination and get optimal answers. Instead of using search bar manually, you may use voice recognition option to ensure safe driving.
  • With the help of enhanced Bluetooth compatibility, Hyundai map allows the driver to use various mobile features and connect with other devices.

Financial Benefits You Get from Hyundai Update

The perks of Hyundai are not just a few. Safe driving of the car results in reduced emissions and also helps your bank account with lower fuel costs. It’s a sound investment and increases the worth of your vehicle and chances of getting higher rates when you want to sell it.

For an economical option to update your Hyundai navigation system, Check out Navigation Updates.

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