Santa Needs Updated GPS to Navigate Deliveries

Navigation Updates GPSWith Thanksgiving now behind us for another twelve months, it’s time to start thinking about everyone’s favorite time of year- Christmas! It’s certainly a hectic period.  You not only have the task of purchasing and wrapping presents for everyone on your list, but you also have the halls to deck with all your most beautiful decorations. But while the festive period is exceedingly busy for most of us, spare a thought for poor old Santa Claus. You think it’s tough finding the perfect gifts for all your nearest and dearest- try doing the same for every kid in the world!

Not only that, but Santa also has to make sure that all those presents get delivered to the right address. Even one small mistake could mean a Christmas catastrophe! How does he do it? Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret- sometimes, even Santa’s reindeer can’t find the most efficient route. On a foggy Christmas Eve, it’s hard to know which path to take. Instead, he relies on a sleigh mounted GPS!

Naturally, he always uses the very latest navigation systems, because so much can change in the space of a single year. Approximately one in five routes change over a twelve-month period. Without the latest info at his fingertips, old Saint Nick just wouldn’t be able to make it across the world in a single night.

Unfortunately, navigation systems don’t update themselves. That’s why Santa-always makes sure his systems are fully upgraded before he sets out- and you should follow his example. To find the most efficient routes on the roads this Christmas, and to ensure you don’t get surprised by any road changes that might have been made since last year, keep things up-to-date.

The holiday season sees roads jam-packed with traffic, as millions of people travel to see their relatives and friends. The last thing you want is to get delayed even longer because your navigation system is on the fritz. So, whether you’re just going from point A to point B, or delivering presents to every kid in the world, be sure to arm yourself with the latest updates for your GPS system well in advance. That way, even a regular Joe can travel across town as fast as Santa’s sleigh!

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