Tips for Pet-Friendly Traveling

Navigation Updates navigation systemDue to one reason or another, people often have to travel. However, those who intend to go with their beloved pets have to take extraordinary measures to make their journeys more comfortable. In other words, pet owners need to think of pet-friendly traveling when planning vacations, relocations, camping trips, etc. Let’s take a look at some useful tips for pet-friendly traveling.

Use a Navigation System

Although it doesn’t indicate any relationship between a vehicle navigation system and a pet at a glance, such system can become highly beneficial in multiple ways when you travel with a pet. Depending on the distance you have to go, you may have to select lunch spots, accommodations, restaurants, or parks along your route for stops. Since you are traveling with a pet, you need to choose pet-friendly locations. This is exactly when you need the assistance of a sophisticated navigation system.

Pack Food and Treats for Your Pet

It is imperative to have your pet happy throughout your journey. Depending on the distance you intend to travel, you should pack some extra treats and food for your pet. You have to remember that they are highly distracted when they are being transported for long hours. So, pack some extra treats for your pets, but don’t give them unhealthy junk food just because you are traveling.

Let Dogs Secure Their Temporary Perimeter

As a way of calming a dog down, after reaching your hotel walk your dog around the outside of the building for about 10 minutes. This way, the dog will recognize its temporary border and be relaxed thinking that he has assured the safety of the area.

Drive Slowly

If you are traveling with a pet, drive at a moderate speed. Moving at high speed can be pretty stressful and exhausting for most pets.

Play With Dog

Your dog may not like to stay inside the hotel throughout the day. Therefore, you should take it outside and play with him for a while to let him calm down and make him think everything is OK.

In addition to that, it is essential to take intermittent breaks while driving with a pet in your car. It is important to pull over the vehicle at a suitable place (probably with the assistance of a navigation system) time to time and let the pet walk for a 5 minutes or so; it is beneficial for you as well.

Before heading out make sure your navigation maps are up-to-date.  Check out Navigation Updates for the latest versions of all auto map systems.

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